Ideally we would get all of the vitamins and minerals we need from the foods we eat. However, we are experiencing a crisis in the quality of our food, both in the fresh produce and meats we consume, as well as from chemically modified foods developed in the laboratories of the modern food industry.

When Dr. Torelli reviewed government studies of the vitamin and mineral content of our food supply compared to 100 years ago, he was shocked at what he found. An apple grown today has 75% less magnesium than an apple grown 100 years ago! Most fruits and vegetables he reviewed show a similar level of nutrient reduction over the decades. Livestock is now raised on unnatural feed, and harmful hormones may be given to fatten animals in less time. 

These troubling reports reveal a nutritional calamity for our nation and have opened the door to a chronic illness epidemic. 

Dr. Torelli believes everyone needs to prevent chronic inflammation, even if you currently present good health. Fortunately, taking a few high-quality supplements can help us restore the proper nutrient levels we need to prevent or treat chronic disease. You do not need to load up your shopping basket with hundreds of products from the health food store. Using Dr. Torelli’s guide to supplements below, you can be practical about which supplements you really need and can afford to buy.

For those who already have a chronic illness, be sure to go to the Supplements 2 section on the menu bar for the additional  supplements that have demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory qualities for treating chronic disease.

Supplements for Prevention of Chronic Inflammation

Some of the most glaring deficiencies I’ve found in our food supply are in essential fatty acids, B-complex vitamins and minerals. Everyone should consider taking a supplement to boost these three substances. –Julius Torelli, M.D.

Essential Fats

Fast foods and chemically processed foods form the foundation of the standard American diet. This has unfortunately led to a great imbalance of the type of fats and oils we normally consume.

The omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish oil, are called essential fats. They are called essential because our body cannot manufacture them from other foods we eat. Instead we only get them if we consume them in our diet or take them as supplements.

The average American ingests 20 times more omega-6 fatty acids than they do omega-3 fatty acids. The ideal ratio is 1:1, but even a 5:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids would greatly improve our health by reducing chronic inflammation. Processed foods may be our biggest dietary problem today, as well as a major source of the omega-6 oils we tend to overeat.

There are two steps to naturally counter this nutritional imbalance:

1.     Take fish oil supplements, which are rich in healthy omega-3 oils

2.     Reduce the intake of chemically processed foods, which tend be high in omega-6 oils and produce health problems.   

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil is a major component to fighting chronic disease. Medical studies from researchers in Europe and Japan date back well over a decade and document the strong health benefits of fish oil.

We do not get enough omega-3 oil in our diet today, so Dr. Torelli recommends that most people take a daily fish oil supplement.

Reduce Processed Foods

Chemically processed food is a BIG problem with regards to chronic inflammation.

Although many governments are mandating the removal of trans-fatty acids, a major contributor to inflammation and poor health, there are still many other types of processed food additives that we need to be aware of and avoid.

How do you know what they are? Rather than memorize a long list of chemical names, here is the best way to detect these laboratory-produced health destroyers:

Avoid foods that come in a box, package, or a can, especially if the label indicates it contains chemical preservatives. Many restaurants use processed foods in the dishes they serve, particularly fast food chains.

Reduce processed foods in your diet as much as possible without become neurotic about it. It may not be practical to avoid them 100%, but any effort you make will improve your inflammation balance.   

B-Complex Vitamins

Many Americans need more B-complex vitamins than they normally receive from their diet. This is especially the case when we’re under unusual stress. Dr. Torelli suggests a sublingual form of B-complex vitamins, either liquid or tablet. The dose is held under the tongue for a short period of time. This method improves the absorption of the vitamins verses the traditional tablet that is swallowed.

Be sure the supplement you buy has the three most important B-complex ingredients: B-6, B-12 and folic acid.


Minerals are extremely lacking in our food due to poor farming practices. This is especially true of the trace minerals, which are vital to proper cellular function. Taking a quality mineral supplement is important to be sure we have what we need in our diet to promote good health.

It is very difficult to manufacture a mineral supplement that your body can readily absorb.  Calcium, for example, is a very popular supplement. But the calcium carbonate form found in many supplements can’t be absorbed into the body.

Colloidal minerals or chelated minerals that come in a pill or capsule form both tend to have good absorption qualities, although these are likely to be more expensive. Be sure you buy your mineral supplements from a reputable source.