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Julius Torelli Bio:

Julius Torelli practices medicine from a holistic perspective, treating the whole person – not just the disease or condition. He is a Board-Certified Cardiologist, specializing in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and related disorders. His initial passion for becoming a physician was to practice preventative medicine. This stems from his conviction that it’s easier to cure the illnesses that never become overtly manifested.

Dr. Torelli attended medical school at the University of South Florida with a residency and fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. In 2000 he formed the Integrative Cardiology Center in High Point, North Carolina, which focuses on non-invasive cardiology and wellness.

He is the author of Beyond Cholesterol: 7 Life-Saving Heart Disease Tests That Your Doctor May Not Give You, and was the medical consultant for The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan: The Scientific Way to Lose Weight, Banish Pain, Prevent Disease, and Slow Aging, written by nutrition expert, Monica Reinagel.